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What We Do

You have a great idea, but where do you start? With us, of course! We take your concept and shape it into a living, breathing product that you and your users will want to keep using. And we do all that in style.


We create thoughtful, visually appealing interfaces for all screen sizes. Your users will like what they see, but they’ll love how it flows.


When you want apps that are fast, stable, and easy to maintain, you need them to run on sturdy code. Good thing we’re all about that.


We help you define your users’ needs and lay out a digital approach that works. Users change all the time, and you want to keep up.

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Now Working On


We all love our pets, and losing them hurts in different but palpable ways. PetRainbow lets you create something to remember them by: beautiful, multi-featured virtual memorials. Upload photos, tell stories, or reach out to other grieving pet owners by posting tributes on their memorials. Remembrance matters, but having people support you (even strangers on the other side of the world) is even better.

PetRainbow is now available for download on the App Store. We’re beyond excited to share it with fellow pet lovers!

Badge - Available at the App Store

The People Behind the Awesome

Meet the Team

We are strategists, creatives, and nerds based in Florida and Metro Manila. Our backgrounds might be diverse - but make no mistake, we’re a solid team.

Our CEO and founder dabbled in a number of businesses before starting his own tech company. His commitment to delivering results landed him his first web project, Palm Beach Prime, and continues to inspire the rest of us today. On his spare time, Lu enjoys outdoor activities with his wife, Celeste.

Luisito Yumang

As CTO and President of DWM, Ja guides the company's technical and business development. His critical mind enables him to successfully lead his team in implementing applications and business strategies. Ja was involved in launching a number of apps like Comment King and InterAksyon before joining DWM.

John Andrew Arce
President/Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Lara's background is originally in print and web design. Lara has since transitioned to project management and now works with Clang to keep office production on track. She’s passionate about making products that address consumer needs in ways that are fresh, engaging, and meaningful.

Lara Gotis
Office Manager / Product Development Director

As Creative Director, Marj comes up with effective visual approaches based on user and client needs. Her extensive experience as a designer has made her a key player in our team. She keeps up with design trends and hopes to create an app that ties in with her love of music and photography.

Marjorie Ybanez
Creative Director

Celeste oversees that our office operations are running smoothly. She also plays a role in handling our sales and accounting. Before working for Direct Works Media, she was a kindergarten teacher. When Celeste is not busy with work, she enjoys snowboarding, tennis, and jetski with her husband, Lu.

Celestina Yumang
Finance Director for DWM HQ

Clang works with Lu and JA in overseeing the financial and human resources side of our company. She's primarily involved in ensuring that our employees are meeting office standards and that our finances are handled properly. During her downtime, Clang loves to watch TV series and read manga.

Clarissa Garcia
Human Resource / Finance

Starting out as a client, Nick became an investor of Direct Works Media and eventually became a cofounder. His talent for generating sales leads was instrumental in getting PetRainbow off the ground. Sometimes bonkers, but never boring, Nick is in his element when he’s around people.

Nicholas Kemp

Mike handles frontend design with a great understanding of user objectives. Mike’s previous work experience has enabled him to have a wide skill set that ranges from creating animation ads for web and flash banners to updating newsletters. On his off hours, he likes to play basketball.

Michael Flores
Frontend Engineer

Argel ensures that all of our development requirements are met on a daily basis. He has Computer Science degree from Manuel S. Enverga University. He loves our company’s upbeat culture and collaborating with his colleagues. Outside of work, Argel enjoys jogging and riding around town on his scooter.

Argel de Mesa
Senior Software Engineer

As our copywriter, Drew writes various marketing and media content for our company and clients. Drew interned for a startup advertising agency, Cafe Communications Philippines during her college days in The Philippine Women’s University. Drew’s hobbies include reading, baking, and watching movies.

Drew Barie Cajandab
Lead Editor

Along with Marj and MIke, Maia translates projects requirements into beautiful, user-friendly web and mobile interfaces. She’s also a talented illustrator with a great sense of color, style, and warmth. Outside of work, Maia likes to escape into the world of League of Legends, an online game.

Maia Rojas
UI/UX Designer

Noelle curates timely social media content for our company and develops recruitment strategies to boost our growth. During her college years, Noelle actively involved in theater. As a pop culture geek, her hobbies include watching movies and keeping tabs on the latest trends in social media.

Noelle Capili
Recruitment/Social Media Manager

Along with Uly, Justine is also programs and implements apps and websites. He interned for SPI Global when he was a student at AMA Computer College, where he earned a degree in Computer Science. Justine’s hobbies are playing console games, sketching, and keeping up with his favorite TV series.

Justine Tabin
Software Engineer

Uly is in charge of implementing and programming apps and websites for our clients. He graduated with a degree in Information Technology and was an assistant web developer intern for Cloud Sherpas, Inc. His hobbies include playing the piano, surfing the Web, and immersing himself in computer games.

Ulyses Rico
Software Engineer

As our newest team member, James is currently being trained by our developers in the latest programming practices and techniques. He earned his degree in Computer Engineering from the Technological Institute of the Philippines. During his spare time, James likes to eat, watch movies, and read stories

James Roxas
Software Engineer

The Official Mascot of ThinkDWM

Senior Mascot

Glen manages and executes administrative, financial, and liaising tasks. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps and was a legal specialist for 8 years. Outside the office, Glen is a published author and already working on his next book. He’s a dedicated father of two and a loving husband to his wife.

Glen Manese
Admin Officer/R&D

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