About Us

A Little Introduction

We Are ThinkDWM

We are strategists, creatives, and nerds based right in the Makati Central Business District. Our expertise allows us to build robust, polished apps but it is our passion for creating meaningful user experiences that keeps us thriving.


Our Team & Culture

As a young company, our culture is energetic and relaxed. There’s no room for dull experiences here! We value working hard but we also know how to have fun outside the office! (Karaoke, anyone?). You’ll love your colleagues inside and outside the office!

When you work with us, we put great importance in your individual worth by making sure that your skills are continuously honed and that your voice is heard. We also constantly encourage our employees to participate in workshops or seminars that can further improve their skills.

Did we mention that we have free team lunches? And oh, Pizza Friday is a thing here.

[Wanna work somewhere awesome?]

Our Working Space

We believe that one of the best ways to work is to love your working space. Our office reflects our laid-back and friendly nature through our open plan workfloor. This makes it easier for us to interact with each other and promote collaboration. So much better than being enclosed in a cubicle all day, right?

In order to create awesome apps, we use equally awesome equipment. That’s why you’ll be using a state-of-the-art 23-inch Dual Monitor and the latest Mac Mini. How about that?

What our employees are saying about us

Working here has allowed me to pursue my passion as well as discover new skills. My colleagues are fun and relatable (they make even Mondays awesome!)

Noelle, Recruitment & Social Media Manager

What our employees are saying about us

Comfortable atmosphere, super friendly workmates, and Pizza Friday? What’s not to love?

Clang, Human Resources & Finance

What our employees are saying about us

The thing I love most about working here is that it doesn’t feel like work. The comfortable environment lets me focus on things better and be productive. Also, Pizza Friday!

Drew, Lead Editor

What our employees are saying about us

I like the fact that we get to work closely with our bosses because they provide us with feedback directly. I also like the spirit of collaboration among the workers. The pleasant workplace is definitely a big plus, too.

Tine, iOs Developer

What our employees are saying about us

My colleagues are smart and friendly. I really like that about the company. Our managers are supportive and encourage us to speak up when we have ideas. We use great equipment so we have less worries.

Uly, iOS Developer

What our employees are saying about us

Working here is a great opportunity as a fresh grad. I like the innovation and relaxed workplace. The people are not only friendly but they are good in what they do.

James, iOS Developer