Junior Copywriter

  • Makati City
  • Full-time
  • Night Shift

Who We Are

We are ThinkDWM Inc. We are strategists, creatives, and nerds based right in Makati. As an established tech company, our culture is energetic and relaxed. We value working hard but we also know how to have fun outside the office! We’re looking for smart, passionate, and collaborative people to build great things with. If you feel like you’re the right fit, keep reading.

Where You Fit In

We’re looking for an onsite wordsmith to help bring big ideas to life in an ever-changing digital landscape. In other words, someone who can write killer copy that connects with audiences on an authentic, emotional level. Also: someone who can write great job listings. This is harder than it looks, okay?



  • You’ll brainstorm, research, evaluate, and recommend messages that work best for our target audiences.
  • You’ll write and edit content for a variety of marketing communications, including website copy (e.g. welcome blurbs, product descriptions), social media posts (e.g. tweets, blog posts), and tech-specific info (release notes, error messages, email alerts, app walkthroughs).
  • You’ll work closely with our CEO, project manager, and creative director to evolve brand presence for us and our clients.
  • You’ll help manage content databases and editorial calendars to keep our content production system airtight and on point.


  • You write clear, compelling, and original copy. No fillers, no keyword stuffing, no extenders. Your spelling and grammar have always been impeccable, and your English teachers remember you fondly.
  • You’re used to thinking critically, and pay as much attention to context as to details.
  • You are self-aware and up to date with current trends.
  • You have excellent research skills. You know where to find what you need, and if not, you’ll keep digging to get to it. You explore all available solutions. You’ll even use Bing if you have to.
  • You can handle that other, less glamorous part of writing: re-writing. When asked to condense 4 pages of mediocre copy that someone else threw together at the last minute, you say, “oh yeah, give it to me!”
  • You like collaborating with a team. You understand that keeping everyone in the loop means you get things done faster.
  • You make constant but useful updates. You can communicate with the team in both English and Filipino.
  • You’re open to creative direction and critique. While you’re not afraid to speak your mind, you always value your 
  • You have excellent computer skills. Apart from the usual office software and basic troubleshooting, you also know your way around new-fangled, cloud-based collaboration tools. Not only can you format text in basic HTML, you’re also particular with how HTML tags are used to define document structure. You understand the value of accessibility for web-content.
  • You have an interest in SEO and are willing to learn more about it to include it in your skillset.
  • You’re already rewriting this job listing in your head.

Additional Perks

  • Paid U.S. holidays
  • Pizza Fridays
  • Free lunch
  • Relaxed office environment (lenient dress code, nice bosses, fun teammates)

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