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-- The Best, Brightest, and Nerdiest 🤓

We are a group of go-getters and collaborators. Everyone is passionate about their work and offers different perspectives on each project we do. Together we are a solid team of pizza lovin’, enthusiastic individuals.
PS. Our team is as unique as the Apps we develop.
Luisito Yumang
Our CEO has been in the industry for a long time and has been involving in many businesses. His experience provides inspiration and leadership to us all. He develops the company's culture and overall vision. On his off days, he enjoys spending time with his wife Celeste.
Marjorie Ybanez
Creative Director
Marj has a natural eye for design and a drive to inspire dynamic ideas that provide our creative team with guidance to launch new impressive projects. Her dream is to create an app that combines her love of music and photography.
Celestina Yumang
Finance Director for DWM HQ
Celeste's excellent analytic and financial management skills ensure that income and expenditures remain within the target. She provides financial advice and support to help executives make key decisions. When not busy running the office she does outdoor activities like snowboarding and tennis with her husband Lu.
Nicholas Kemp
Nick invested in Direct Works Media and became our co-founder. His talent in sales and marketing lead one of our company's project Petrainbow to success. He has a bright personality and usually the life of the party.
Dustin Jardinero
Project Manager
Drew is our point person in charge of all projects. He's responsible for coordinating and completing projects on time within budget and within scope. Drew has solid organizational skills including attention to detail and multitasking skills. He likes to relax and listen to his vinyl record collection.
Michael Flores
Frontend Engineer
Mike is our front end guy he is responsible for implementing visual and interactive elements that users engage with when using a web application. When he's not developing websites he spends his time playing basketball with his son Coheed.
Camelle Banes
UI/UX Designer
Banes helps our design team to create amazing wireframes and mockups. She loves to travel to shoot and film the world on her own perspective. She daydreams of slaying her guitar in front of massive crowds, but for now she plays it with her five amazing doggos at home.
Emar Agustin
UI / UX Designer
Em-Em turns our software into easy-to-use products for our clients. He creates both functional and appealing features that address our clients’ needs and help us grow our customer base. Emar manages his downtime streaming movies on Netflix, playing on his Switch, and taking care of his beloved cat.
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Jhunry Voloso
UI / UX Designer
A multidisciplinary designer, Jhun is one of the new faces on our design team. A foodie by heart, he dreams of turning his passion into reality and to one day open up his very own food business. His usual watch list includes cooking shows with some anime sprinkled in for good measure.
Argel De Mesa
Senior Software Engineer
Argel ensures that all of our development requirements are met on a daily basis. He has a Computer Science degree from Manuel S. Enverga University. He loves our company’s upbeat culture and collaborating with his colleagues. Outside of work, Argel enjoys jogging and riding around town on his scooter.
Ulyses Rico
Software Engineer
(Mobile App Developer)
Uly specializes in mobile technology such as building apps for Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS platforms. He has an aptitude for mathematics, he also interprets and follows technical plans to constantly innovate app functionality and design. Uly plays the piano and immerses himself in computer games during his breaks.
Renan Placido
Software Engineer
(Mobile App Developer)
Renan performs a variety of technical duties including application programming, analysis, testing, and product installation to deliver high-quality application solutions to our client. Renan spends his R and R jamming to music on Spotify and taking care of his husky named Whiskey.
Jerome Camacho
Software Engineer
(Web App Developer)
Jerome is currently responsible for the coding, innovative design, and layout of our website. He builds our website from concept to completion, fashioning everything from the home page to site layout and function. In his spare time, Jerome enjoys playing mobile games like ROS and Mobile Legends.
Marc Portuguez
Software Engineer
(Web Developer)
Marc designs, codes and modify websites, from layout to function according to the client's specifications. He strives to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation. Marc spends his day off grabbing a drink with his friends and catching up.
Edu Iglesias
Software Engineer
Edu specializes in developing mobile apps for various platforms. He is a creative-minded individual who turns ideas into a product. Edu enjoys solving puzzles and riddles when he has free time a binge-watch anime.
Charles Michael Mira
Mobile Developer
Netflix.Chill. Parties. Drinks. Casinos. Arcades. If Charles didn’t listen to South Korean girl group Twice, he’ll be a Keyser Soze-like Usual Suspect.
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James Obrero
Web Developer
James is the team’s resident digital warrior/baller. Though also a movie buff, his usual haunts would be the realms of DotA II and the hardwood floors of the NBA 2K series.
Reyan Dela Cruz
Web Developer
May it be Stairway to heaven or 214, Reyan can strum and pluck his way around both projects and his favorite music.
Ronan Cristobal
Software Engineer
Ronan is our resident Software Engineer who loves going to the beach with his two beautiful husky babies; Giro and Nanan. He said who used to go to the gym pretty often but his love for rice and Korean barbeque is stronger than getting fit.
Joshua Orogo
Software Engineer
Joshua is our awesome Software Engineer who enjoys watching anime, movies, and series on his downtime. He is really good with DOTA 2 and CS:GO, so don't you dare challenge him that easily.
Daphne Del Rosario
Software Engineer
One of the newest members of the team, Daphne is the resident gamer of the group. She loves playing FPS games such as Call of Duty and Apex Legends. One of her dream achievements would be to one day create an MMORPG type game ala League of Legends. Added trivia, she also has an Australian Shepherd named Summer
Chris John Mulingbayan
Software Engineer
Chris is always on the lookout for new stacks and technologies to learn and broaden his skill set. His mantra is to eat, sleep, chill, code, repeat.
John Alcher Doloiras
Software Engineer
Our resident film buff, John is a big Chrisopher Nolan fan. From Memento to Interstellar and anything in between, you name it. He also loves watching different documentaries and crime dramas on Netflix in his free time. During his college days, John was also a competitive chess player.
Emmanuel Jusay
HR & Office Manager
Emman enhances the office by planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and HR policies, programs, and practices. He is responsible for attracting, motivating, and retaining the most qualified talent. Emman is into cycling and promoting a healthy lifestyle, when not out on his bicycle, he stays at home playing on his PC or Switch.
Catherine Faulan
Admin Assistant
Cath is in charge with a variety of clerical and administrative tasks that are vital gears for the office to run smoothly. She loves reading books, playing musical instruments, and watching horror movies. And oh, she's loves boxing.
Apple Mararac
Apple takes charge of the financial health of our company by administering accounting operations to meet legal requirements. During her time off Apple likes to travel and have an adventure to learn aspects of different cultures.
Glen Manese
Glen implements recruiting plans and strategies designed to fulfill our company's staffing needs. He's a professional that possess knowledge of employment, labor law, and strong interpersonal skills. Glen loves spending time with his wife and two lovely daughters Temtem and Kaikai.
Senior Mascot
Bear works to generate spirit for our office when he's not sleeping to conserve energy. He spends a large amount of time licking his coats to keep himself clean.
— Our culture

We ❤️ what we do

That’s a basic thing to have for joining our team. Which only means we're full of passionate people from creative designers to genius developers. Everyone is focused on delivering the best product to our clients.
Oh, and we have lots of fun along the way.